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The Late Hour, forthcomin
g, Finishing Line Press, Summer 2024

Touring, Finishing Line Press, 2021


"A Clear Wriggler" in Synkroniciti

"All This Chaos" in Flying Island

"Back in '73" in Blue Heron Review

"Backseat Rider" in Flying Island 

"Brattle Street" in So It Goes: The Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Vol. VI

"Empty City" in Tipton Poetry Journal

"Goodwill" in Flying Island

"Hondo, New Mexico" in Saint Katherine Review

"Just A Bird" in Agape Review

"The Late Hour" in Heartland Society of Women Writers (Dec. 2021 issue)

"Mother Grim" as performed by Dance Kaleidoscope, published in Spirit and Place 2021 Climate Change Anthology

"Mother Grim" in Stormwash: Environmental Poems (forthcoming April 2024)

"Mother's Company" in Flying Island

"My Way with Water" in Reflections on Little Eagle Creek Anthology

"October on the Shore" in Of Rust and Glass

"Place of Peace" in Flying Island

"The Plunge" in Snapdragon: A Journal of Healing and Art

"The Potted Plant" in So It Goes: The Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Vol. VII

"The Refugee" in The World We Live(d) In: An Anthology of Poems about Social Justice

"Rules for Encountering the Snake" in Through the Sycamores

"The Splitting" in Tipton Poetry Journal

"The Station at Kharkiv" in Tipton Poetry Journal
"Stillness" in Poetry Quarterly

"Taken Away" in What Was, and Will Be: Life in the Time of COVID-19 Anthology

"Touring" in Northwest Indiana Literary Journal


A Middle School Guide to Literary Terms (co-authored with Mary Ann Yedinak)

A Walk Through Time

If Tables Could Talk

Water Runs Downhill


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