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Several of my poems have been published in the past year or so, including "October on the Shore" in Of Rust and Glass; "Mother Grim" as a selection for the Indianapolis Spirit & Place Anthology; "Cardiologist," "The Station at Kharkiv," and "The Splitting" in Tipton Poetry Journal; and "The Late Hour" as a Heartland Society of Women Writers feature.

I've enjoyed being a reader for the Indiana Writers Center's monthly online publication, Flying Island, for several years now. Poet and educator Mary Brown is editor of the journal, and Bloomington poet Hiromi Yoshida joins me as the other poetry reader.

My poems, "Touring," October on the Shore," and "Empty City" now appear in the Indiana Poetry Archive! Selected in the 2023 application process, these pieces will now

be available for perusal on the Archive under my name.

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